Chairman's Message

Marisha Coco Products

"I have always been fascinated by the works of nature. The coconut tree, being the ‘Tree of Life’, has peaked my interest. It is this very interest that has made me work in coco industry for several years.

Empowered by this experience ,it made me realize that our coconut husks can be used to produce ‘Sustainable Cradle for Plant Life’. These coir substrates made with the husks provide all optimal conditions for growth ,thus enhancing the primary productivity . Being eco-friendly and affordable product, this is a product that any grower would dream for.

Why Sri Lankan Husks?

I can unequivocally say that our husks are nothing but the best for our coconut trees are grown in nature- gifted quality soil. I, as a proud Sri Lankan, along with my company assures the best of the best coir substrates to all growers worldwide, and take sustainable agribusiness to a whole new dimension."

- N.A.S.Fernando

Our Mission

Utilize eco-friendly practices to create innovative coco peat products to sustain the environment whilst satisfying needs of customers. Adhering to internationally accepted processes and standards. Outlining the latest technology, a dedicated workforce, and ensuring our commitment to society.

Our vison

To be the most preferred environmentally sustainable coco peat product to the world.


We’re popular leader in agriculture market globally